Château de Lamarque is a delightful Haut-Médoc property which is situated on the left bank of the Gironde, to the north of Margaux, on the south of Pauillac and Saint-Julien. Pierre-Gilles and Marie-Hélène Gromand d’Evry are determined to make the best Haut-Médoc wine possible here and have done their utmost to achieve this goal. Because the quality of the harvest and the nurturing of the vines is essential to the finished wine, Marie-Hélène Gromand d'evry took steps to improve vineyard practices. Production has been savaged under her jurisdiction as she has introduced an extremely rigorous regime of crop thinning. The results show in the concentration of successive Château de Lamarque vintages. This involves researching, monitoring and assessing the vines from sub-soil through to the grapes. A great deal of painstaking work and investment has gone into plotting a minutely detailed map of the vineyard, parcel by parcel, which has enabled a much greater understanding of the diversity of soils and how best to look after the vines. The results are already exciting and they now underpin the future-planting program of the Château. Cabernet Franc, deemed too capricious, will give way to increased proportions of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and an elevated 12% to 15% of Petit Verdot.