“Faizeau” is a diminutive of the word “Faize”, in reference to the Benedictine abbey of Faize, situated close to the property and which owned, amongst other plots, vineyards in Pauillac and Saint-Emilion. Built on the slopes of Calon hill, the highest point in the region of Libourne, the château is one of the oldest wine-growing “terroirs” around Bordeaux. It already figured on the map drawn up by the engineer Belleyme in the 18th century. The vineyards of Château Faizeau are of the highest quality and boast a magnificent terroir and privileged location on a plateau oriented east and west, bathed in sunshine all day long. The 12 hectares extend in a single stretch over soil of stony “graves” and clay. Merlot is the number one grape and the vine is skilfully pampered with simple guyot training, kept short to avoid overlapping. Leaves are stripped with the utmost precision to guarantee high quality fruit. The skilled work carried out in the vineyard results in beautifully ripe Merlot grapes every time, hand harvested using trays to protect the grapes. After meticulous sorting, vinification proceeds in heat-regulated vats. To protect the full aroma of Merlot and keep the best of the fruit, our oenologist and his team work carefully to control oxygen as effectively as possible. “Remontage” starts at the beginning of fermentation and is conducted in a closed-circuit to avoid oxygenation and preserve the quality of grapes. The wine is then matured for between 18 and 24 months in new French oak casks that line the property’s wine cellars.