Rye Whisky

Dillon's Small Batch Distillers

Rye Whisky


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6 x 500ml
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SAQ Specialty by lot
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Canadian Whiskey
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Regulated designation
Vin de consommation courante (VCC)
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Cork with plastic head
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About this winery

Dillon’s is a way for us to create new spirits from old ideas and to make them with unparalleled quality, handcrafted, one small batch at a time. We are returning to traditional levels of quality while utilizing modern techniques and equipment to create authentic products that we think people will love!

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Product notes

This whisky is more than a richly unique tasting rye, it’s the liquid history of the people and places involved in producing an obsessively honest, purist’s dream of a Canadian rye whisky from 100% Ontario ingredients. We are proud to introduce to the world our truly grain-to-the-glass Dillon’s Rye Whisky.

Production notes

The Dillon’s Rye Whisky is crafted, grain to glass, using 100% Ontario grown rye. This rye whisky was aged in Three Oaks; first fill Bourbon barrels, new American oak barrels, and new Ontario oak barrel. It expresses the harmony that exists between the Ontario rye grain and the oaks barrels.

Tasting notes

It is light, fresh and delicate with aromas of clover honey, floral, sweet tree fruit and green tea. The palate expresses mild wood tannin similar to steeped tea creating a truly harmonious Whisky!