Brandy XO Grande Noblesse

JP Chenet

Brandy XO Grande Noblesse


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12 x 700ml
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SAQ Specialty by lot
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Appellation origine controlée (AOC)
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Cork with plastic head
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About this winery

Synonymous with pleasure and hospitality, J.P. Chenet was the forerunner of French-style - world wine -. Rising to the challenge to make wine more affordable, the men and women at J.P. Chenet have successfully introduced the wine brand to over 160 countries. Skilfully combining know-how, quality and innovation, the brand is now the biggest-selling French wine in the world. We invite you to come in and find out why for yourself.

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Product notes

For our French Brandies, harvests come from different regions of France: mainly Champagne, Cognac and South of France. Our French Brandies are made from white varietals such as Colombard, Ugni-Blanc or Chardonnay.

Winemaking notes

. Wine making: harvesting, pressing, then fermentation during 3 weeks. White wine with strong acidity and low alcohol (9% vol) is required to lead further a good distillation. Distillation: when boiling in a pot still, the alcoholic vapors, water and numerous aromatic compounds rise upward and are collected in a condenser where they become liquid again. The distillation process is carried out twice. Ageing: Small oak barrels or bigger oak tanks.

Tasting notes

Colour: A beautiful golden amber colour. Style: Complex, warm, subtly woody flavours with a very smooth palate.