The property is located in Pirque, central area of Chili, one of the most prestigious and recognized areas of the Maipo Valley for the planting of vineyards, at the foot of the Andes Mountains. The Maipo Alto area is between 500 and 800 meters above sea level, an area with a temperate thermal expansion with native vegetation of myrtle and boldos that on certain occasions give the wines balsamic characteristics. Thus the wines produced in this area contain a high concentration of tannins, great structure and intense color. In 2006, the property started to develop the organic management of Maipo-Andes vineyards, which was completed in 2016. Today all the grapes and wines from Pirque are organic, certified by the CERES institute, which means that in their production process only environmentally-friendly products are being used. The soil management is carried out exclusively by machine without the use of herbicides, while fertilization is made with natural compounds such as compost. In turn, the wines are fermented partially with natural yeasts selected from the vineyard, making sure that the characteristics of its surroundings are reflected in the wines.